Community Development Council Board Interest Form

The Community Development Council (CDC) is a distinguished and proud professional
association for community and economic development practitioners in the United States. This rich history has been developed through strong leadership and commitment from our volunteer leaders and the framework of the Community Development Institutes (CDI) across the country. To ensure we continue this tradition of quality leadership we seek to identify potential board of director members and start the process with this Board Interest Form.

Duties of CDC Board of Trustee Members

According to the CDC Bylaws, Article VII, Section 1, The Board of Trustees will assist with locating potential officers and Trustees and further serve as liaison between the Council and designated Profession Community and Economic Developers. Trustees shall also perform such other duties and have such authority as from time to time may be assigned by the Chair and the Trustees, including certification and re-certification of Profession Community and Economic Developer (PCED) applications. Any Trustee may be removed from office at the discretion of the Board of Trustees if he/she does not attend 50 percent of the meetings or teleconference calls within a calendar year.

The nomination committee for the CDC board is seeking five (5) candidates to recommend for a one-year term in 2021.  These individuals may be eligible for a two-year term starting in 2022.   If you are interested in submitting your name for consideration of a board position, please complete the following form by December 31, 2020