CDI builds the capacity of individuals and communities to positively impact economic and social development

Never before has the practice of community development been more important than it is today.


Why Community Development Training?

As the world grows smaller through the increased use of global communications, communities of all sizes are finding their boundaries are expanding and their fortunes are directly tied to events and forces beyond their city limits. This increases the pressure on communities to focus globally and yet prepare locally.

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CDI is a national training offered in multiple locations and endorsed by the Community Development Council (CDC).

CDC is a nonprofit organization founded to promote the advancement of community development professionals through the accreditation of educational programs, professional certifications, and the development of community volunteer leaders.



"Individuals are now choosing community development as their vocation of choice. Utilities and other private sector companies have recognized the importance of strong communities to their bottom line and are devoting staff to the practice of community development.

Organizations such as chambers of commerce are allocating staff to community development activities resulting in a healthier community so that dollars invested in business recruitment and infrastructure may be fully realized."

Ray Laughter
CDC Board Member
Community Development Council Chairman 2002-2004

Our Story

In 1995, the Community Development Council (CDC) was incorporated to provide the next level of qualification through a Certified Community Developer (CCD) program designed to advance the standards of competence among community development professionals.

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The certification program now called Professional Community and Economic Developer (PCED) involves the identification of core competencies required for effective community development, integrating these competencies into professional development opportunities, certification study materials, testing of knowledge and demonstration of applied learning, and a method for re-certification beyond the initial three-year period.

The certification program is intended for paid professionals currently involved in the practice of community development who may have a career need for professional credentials. CDC encourages community development volunteers to increase their skills through available training programs, and has developed a certification program designed especially for volunteers.


Who We Are

The Community Development Institute is a training program designed to enhance the leadership and management capabilities of those individuals responsible for developing their communities. CDI’s mission is to empower participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to proactively improve the physical and human resources of their communities and therefore increasing the quality of life for all citizens. There are currently six CDI locations including CDI Central in Arkansas, CDI Midwest in Illinois, CDI Northwest in Idaho, and CDI Texas.

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The CDI is a training program designed to enhance leadership and management capabilities.

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The CDC partners with the Community Development Institute to deliver training and certification.

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Enhance your career by becoming a nationally certified Professional Community and Economic Developer

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